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Calcium Caseinate Powder, 10kg

Calcium casein powder is industrially used in food factories.

Cheese Powder, 25kg

Calin cheese powder is used in food factories.

Formulated Skim Milk Powder 18%, 25 kg

This skimmed milk powder is in the category of industrial products and is sold with a weight of 25 kg.

Formulated Skim Milk Powder 24%, 25kg

Skim milk powders are industrially used and are sold in the weight of 25 kg.

MPC Powder, 10kg

MPC powder is actually the same as milk protein concentrate and has all the properties of milk protein powder.

Powdered Natural Parmesan Cheese, 100gr

Powdered Parmesan cheese, 100 gr is produced in the form of a zipper and is the best choice for salads and pizza.

Skim Milk Powder, 25kg

Skimmed milk powder is one of the industrial products of Calin and is used for food production.

Sodium Caseinate Powder, 10kg

Sodium caseinate powder has no specific taste or odor and is used in the production of various foods.

Whey Powder (UF), 25kg

Whey powder has medicinal properties and is used as a complete protein.

Whey Powder, 25kg

Whey powder is widely used in food industry.

Whole Skim Milk Powder, 25kg

Whole skim milk powder is an industrial product of Calin and is obtained by drying fresh milk.